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JD GERSHBEIN, Host of The Big BanterSince becoming a social business strategist in 2006, JD Gershbein has pushed the envelope in communicating the value of the online media. He has earned wide-scale recognition as a LinkedIn strategist and thought leader in personal branding and social entrepreneurship. Those who collaborate with JD gain clarity on their professional value, tell a more powerful story, and achieve a competitive advantage in their markets.

JD speaks about things that matter to people in a digital world. He is known for creating unique, interactive, multimedia learning experiences that inspire, entertain, and catalyze positive change. His audiences leave with new insights, new connections, and the feeling that they can conquer the business world.

After years of honing his craft as a keynote speaker, broadcaster, and performance artist, JD is launching an exciting new media initiative. Via The Big Banter, he is assembling a collective of forward-thinking movers, shakers, and grinders who believe in building strong relationships, love to laugh while they learn, and have an unrelenting desire to create and grow.


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At 6:30 PM on Thursday, October 26, 2017, I will step out on the stage of The Hard Rock Café in Chicago to what I hope will be a capacity crowd, and tape the Series Premiere of my web-based TV show, The Big Banter with JD Gershbein.  It has been a long-time dream of mine to host a show of this sort, and I am exhilarated beyond belief.

In the weeks leading up to the filming of the Series Premiere, I have been ruminating on how this all came to be, and what I hope will happen when the lights go down and the cameras start rolling. Truth be known, I have been rehearsing for this show my entire life. I am ready for this. I believe that you are, too.

One thing that I have learned as a showrunner is that producing an event of this magnitude is not easy. Show business is serious business. It is not something that anybody can do alone. I have surrounded myself with people who I believe in (and who thankfully believe in me), and who can help me take my idea to the next level. This project is geared toward the greater good, affording everyone involved with it–our speakers, sponsors, performers, and attendees–the opportunity to elevate their profile and expand their networking footprint.

Promoting The Big Banter has also presented some interesting challenges, especially in conveying the vision of the venture. Those who know me personally, or have followed me for some time on social media, understand what I am trying to accomplish. Some even asked me: “JD, what took you so long to do this?” As for those who don’t know me? Well, they will get the gist soon enough.

My ask is very simple: Take a chance. Purchase a ticket; it’s not gonna break you. Invite a friend or three to go with you to the Hard Rock that night. You are guaranteed a unique and extraordinary experience, one that will resonate with you long after the cameras are turned off and the house lights come up. I assure you: this will not be the same old, same old networking. 

My journey has brought me here.
You are reading this for a reason.
Let’s do some cool things together.

See you at the Show!

To your prosperity,